Free International artist Igor Tcholaria
Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg, Holland, France, London and Belgium

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Recently we opened new online gallery where you can walk around, see all the brand new paintings of me and enjoy the online exhibition

online gallery

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It was a great event - opening of my solo exhibition in the legendary GALERIA MOURLOT in New York on the 23-rd of March. It was a real boom at the opening. Many nice people told a lot of nice words about my paintings. Unfortunately the pandemic situation had forced us to stop the exhibition. But in September everybody are welcome to come to my New York show at mr. Mourlot gallery again. read more

Eric Mourlot about Igor Tholaria and his art

A Bit more about who I am
And what I do.

I love the great art of the beginning of the 20 century! I love my paintings like I love my children. I believe - they will be a part of the great art from the beginning of the 21st century!


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